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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
I don't know how to multi quote so I'll do it this way

Breeze IMD :sad: Would ultra-sound & x-rays verify this condition, just curious as that's the next step for Brandi if the diarrhea doesn't stop? What are you feeding now? I guess like Brandi you'd need a grain-free low carb with high animal protein right?

Kandy lol ya I think it would be a fair statement ... she's wiped clean and really she could be allergic to corn. I've read many are. I think the vets see the Hills work because the diarrhea stops but only because there is Beet Pulp = stool hardener in it. May as well give Ole Roy with Imodium and save yourself about $100 still just a bandage

BenMax re Dr Lee as far as the medical stuff it's a wait and see situation but of course if he could help with a diagnosis ... hell I'm in

DiandPat Thank you. LOL Hobo the little vacuum o I'm glad to hear Senior Orijen is helping them both good to hear, wow 15 & 11
ha ha this part I can help with.. right beside the qoute button there is one with two qoute marks like this " click on that one then go to the next you want to qoute and click on the " you can do that up to 4 qoutes.
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