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I would think that with all the diarrhea she's had lately, her system is sufficiently clean. Maybe she had such an 'explosive' reaction to the food because she's allergic to corn or something.

A while back I did some condition specific research for a coworker whose dog has SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). The vet had her dog on one of the Hill's prescription products. Every single thing I read about SIBO stated that the very worst thing you can give to a dog with the condition is corn - but yet the first ingredient in the prescription food is corn. I just don't understand why most vets think that forcing a carnivore to survive on grains is nutritionally appropriate? Even humans will have health problems if they don't take in enough proteins - and our bodies process grains a lot more efficiently than a dogs. A friend of my husband had a maltese with severe allergies. Their vet put their dog on one of the Hill's prescription diets. The symptoms got much worse, so much so that this vet convinced them to just put the dog to sleep. I think the poor dog was 2 years old. I had tried talking to the wife about it when the dog first starting showing symptoms, but she wasn't receptive to anything I was saying. One thing she had told me made me think she might've been giving the little guy onions so of course I warned her that onions are toxic. A couple of weeks later she informed me that her vet told her onions are not toxic to dogs. I was flabbergasted - and extremely glad that I don't go to that vet. IMO vets need a ton more nutritional education - that is not dictated by dog food companies.
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