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Thanks exactly what he was saying Kandy You know vets save our animals for sure and we surely need them but I just don't think they should be giving nutritional advice especially when it's not a quality food. They believe the manufacturer's and not us when were simply ask if they could so kindly not try and kill them with their non-nutritional expertise ...

Kandy and I have been msn'g & emailing. She's done extensive research on dog food since having problems herself with one of her puppers so I thought I'd share her info for anyone else who may be experiencing health problems, diarrhea and/or overweight pups. It's great info thanks for that

Doing a bit of research, a lot of things say that senior dogs have trouble digesting protein and since most dog food companies like to fill their dog food with plant based proteins (ie grains), it makes it even harder for them to digest it which causes digestive tract issues. Experts say the best thing you can do for a senior dog who is having digestion issues is to get them off grains and onto a higher protein (meat based), low carb diet. It's just amazing to me that most senior formula's are exactly the opposite - lower protein and higher carbs. No wonder older dogs have such a tendency to put on weight!

Based on that premise, and assuming that she doesn't have kidney problems that would be aggravated by higher protein - I found 5 grain free foods that have lower carbs than most grain free. Grain free does not mean carb free, although most people don't realize that sometimes a grain free food can have more carbs than a food with grain in it.

Merrick Before Grain Salmon
Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
The Honest Kitchen - Verve (this is actually a dehydrated raw diet that you add water to)
Acana Pacifica
Orijen Senior

Looking at the ingredients in SG Holistique Blendz it is very grain heavy. 3 grains, then ocean fish (not meal) then potato are the first 5 ingredients.

(Me thinking ... not a very good choice for a senior already overweight with digestive problems as well as having hypothyroidism geesh and I wonder why she keeps gaining weight. I do supplement her food with grade A meat everyday, at least that was good

When you are looking at ingredient listings, remember that the list has to go in order of quantity - whatever is first is theoretically what there is the most of in the food. You need to be aware of a few loopholes that dog food companies have made in that requirement though. If chicken is first, but it just says 'chicken' or 'deboned chicken' - that means that the chicken is in it's wet form. Once the water is removed, that chicken could actually fall to 3rd or 4th on the ingredient list. So if you have a fresh meat source first, followed by 3 grains - then there is much more grain in that food than meat. So if the food has chicken meal followed by 3 grains, it has way more meat protein in it than the one that listed fresh chicken first.
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