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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
I've learned so much don't know where to start

Thanks for asking Breeze, she's had 2 poop's now and both were pick-er-up'able Mind you she's only eating rice, meds as well as flortiflora I think even water would be solid with this mixture

I'm just hoping it's a bacteria thing that'll clear up with the meds so we could could move forward. I need to find a better food for her as the SG Hollisque Blendz is way too grainy. I now suspect it has alot to do with her weigh gain and possible gatro problems but I'm open to all suggestions from members regarding what they feed that works for them.

I realize there is tons of info already but ingredients do change from year to year

Kandy isn't that just scary

I know how hard it can be to find the right solution. and reading so much that your eyes cross ( I am doing that now) so I understand, mind you Bree's problem is a little different.
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