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Originally Posted by mona_b View Post
This could be the reason.

Can I ask why you stopped?

My dog is 13 and he still gets his canned food..I have never fed dry exclusively to any of my dogs..It's always been canned and dry...To me dry only is like us having only dry cereal everyday..That would be pretty boring.

As for free feeding, you can with some dogs and not with others..Mine, I have never had a problem with it..

I also agree with the food...I would switch to a better brand.
I really have no clue. We bought what the breeder was feeding her. Then swtiched to Iams. But we gave her one can and she ended up getting the runs. So we said no more.

Plus she was only getting it in the mornings. For the first little while we did the routne what the breeder had done. Wet food in the morning and dry food out all day to nibble on.
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