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So the bloodwork is in and everything looks good Duffy's liver values are normal, her Potassium is normal, glucose & CK are also normal. Her anion gap is normal & showing no signs of metabolic acidosis. Though she is still swallowing a bit more than normal but that could be due to the change in diet - temporarily back on canned & not eating as well as she did on raw. BUN is back to 14.7 and Creatinine is back to 240 both of which are lower than the regular tests run end of May USG is also slightly better than May's test right now it's 1.021 concentrating 0.001 higher than May This is the 2nd test where her urine is concentrating better than the previous, I hope this trend continues

The sharp drop of BUN & Creatinine into normal prior to any treatment during the crisis was attributed to not eating, vomiting etc and after IV treatment the numbers dropping farther into normal are because of the fluids directly into the veins, flushing out the toxins.

Duffy's hemoglobin & lymphocytes are still lower than normal but about twice the number they were from the ER test which is great The lab attributes it to stress.

Interestingly though her T4 is back way down below 6 (normal is 19-50) some of you may know she had HyperT several years back, was cured w/ 131 Iodine and has had numbers in normal with a couple dips into low in the years since, something that may continue to happen occasionally .

Something I didn't mention here before - the ER vet also found Duffy now has a heart murmur. Heart murmurs are graded from 1-6 with 1 being the least severe and 6 the most severe, often times audible even without a stethoscope. At the time she was 1st admitted (on a Thurs nite) it was graded at a 3 or 4 and when she was re-evaluated (a couple of days later on Sat morn) it was down graded to a 2. It is possible the murmur was brought on by the mild anemia and the allergy crisis that lead to the hospitalization, and it's also possible it is just normal aging. When the homeopath vet examined Duffy she had it as a 1 or 2.

Duffy is back on her homeopathic remedies and will start her supplements again with the 1st one tomorrow and adding the rest in one each week to be sure there are no reactions. She can then start back on raw the week after the last supplement is added back, so for the next 3 weeks she's still eating Wellness canned. Once back on raw there should be an improvement in the amount she's eating, she's not nearly so picky when eating raw.
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