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If you click into the bottom of their site, check this out:

Why you must never trust stated protein %'s to compare dog food

Think you can’t be easily fooled?

Well, think again.

You see… when shopping for dog food, you just
can’t trust the stated protein percentage printed
right there on the label.

No, you really can’t. And here’s why…

Say you’ve got a pair of old leather boots…
some used motor oil… and a scoop of sawdust.

Now, grind them all up… blend them together…
and send that whole concoction to a food testing
laboratory… for analysis.

And the results? This toxic medley of rubbish

Protein 32%
Fat 18%
Fiber 3%

Now, if you look only at the “raw data”… the
numbers make this funky brew look pretty
good… in fact, just as good as any quality dog

The leather provides the protein. The motor oil
supplies the fat. And the sawdust contributes
the fiber.

Not exactly something you’d ever want to feed
your dog. See how easy it is to be fooled?

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