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I put my cat food on top of my dryer so the dogs cannot get at it, they really shouldn't eat it...

I would buy a better food than purina puppy chow, it really is not a good food, don't buy dog food from a grocery store, there is nothing there that is worth your money. Go to a specialy store and find something with no grain, brewers years, rice, wheat, corn, beet pulp ect.. Orijen and BG before grain are my faves, the BG brand sells canned food for dogs that is just the meat and water, tripe and water ect.. you could mix that into the pups kibble to make it more appealing for awhile, but put the kitties food where the dog cannot get it, I would also be feeding that cat only canned food a couple times a day, GOOD LUCK! Dogs will eat cat food, and if you have it where they can get it it is not reasonable to think that they are not going to get at it..
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