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BenMax I thought we were speaking of the same food "Hills Gastro". Her vet wants her on the *Hills ID* which I suspect it's about profit (I'm not saying she doesn't need a gastro food though) but I'm going to have to do some homework while her tummy is resting up.

She's had now 4 doses of the meds but hasn't poo'd yet, hopefully she'll be ready soon - 'ing it's going to be even a little firm. Can't believe I'm disgussing this topic on the internet

Thanks Kandy for all that info she is peeing alot I also read about the Giardia and I so hope it's not that. I'm now leaning on maybe it is the SG perhaps getting older something in it is just not agreeing with her anymore.

Hills ID - 1st to the 5th ingredient is what we should concentrate on right, doesn't look too good now does it?
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