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Thanks Chico. I know they were not pets, but it is amazing how you can form a bond with them, especially the smaller one. It got to a point that when he saw me he would perk up knowing that the bottle was coming and watching them go from almost dead to the point they could get out of the homemade pen and wander was a great feeling.
I am pretty sure that the mom was not coming back because she had likely been killed by a car since there are busy roadways close by. I am sure she was spooked where she had her nest and was in the process of moving the babies when she was hurt therefore was not able to make it back. I was very careful to be sure they were abandoned before making any attempt at intervention so as not to give the mom any reason not to care for them.
I still think about them, and hope they are out there somewhere getting into someone else's garbage bins!
I am sure there is a sign over my house that only animals see letting them know that a big sucker lives here - she feeds everything!!! I am also sure every kitty in the neighborhood knows to drop by for a treat when wandering outside. I never let them down
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