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My raccoonie visitors last spring

I was browsing these threads and thought I would post a couple of photos from last spring when I ended up being the unwilling hostess to a couple of abandoned raccoon kits. They were stumbing around on my front walk, hardly able to move mostly from dehydration and hunger. The best I could figure is mom was moving them from one place to another and left them temporarily under a bush in my yard and possibly was injured and unable to return.
I watched but did not touch for about 3 days until I realized they were not going to make it without help. Every single wildlife rescue was "full" and I was told it was best to just let them die, but I could not do that.
I bottle fed them KMR formula, used hot water bottles on the ground where they slept, and gradually added kibble to the diet until they started leaving their makeshift nest at night and return by the morning. Gradually they stopped returning more and more until I never saw them again. Even if they did not make it, I will always hope that they did somehow survive on their own out in the wild. As wild as a suburb of Toronto can be.
It was a real experience, but not one I want to do again. This spring I cleaned out the front yard and removed all the over grown trees and put flowering bushes in instead. It looks better and I don't think any "momma" would consider leaving her young so out in the open now.
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