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To be totally honest there is alot of great advice on here. Your kittens are biting and chasing after your feet simply because they are bored and full of energy. I hand raised my 1st kitten turbo from when he was a week old. He was terrible for that. He would launch onto your pants and crawl all the way up it so he would get ur attention. Now that hes a year old he has completely grown out of it. Most of the time the kittens continue with the aggression because the owners blowing in their faces and flicking their noses or shoving their fingers in their mouth pushing down their toungues. They all work temporarily but its not going to stop him from biting forever. When your kittens biting its because its got a lot of energy and those softer moment are when its all played out. whenever nitro my second kitten I just got bites i just play with her hard core for a while. I chase her around and throw some toys and soon she calms down a bit once she tuckers out. If you lock them away they are just going to get more bored and its just going to get worse. Kittens are energetic and need a healthy amount of exersize. If you find that its chewing on things give it a cardboard box. It really helps the kittens urge to chew. Another kitten can help because they are going to chew and focus on eachother but unless you want two kittens bopping around your home then you just need to pay alot of attention to your kittens and tucker them out a bit. They ussually only have a termendous amount of energy for the 1st year. good luck guys and gals.

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