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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
Thanks Chico, the rice/lean meat worked for a bit but it came back once she began back on her kibbles (or it was from weiners)

I emailed Solid Gold to see if they changed their ingredients lately.

BM, for a while she was ok I remembered you telling me to make sure they checked for Giardia in her stools which they did. But reading the net it says it can also be in the intestines. To be sure I haven't allowed her to swim in the river for the last 10 days, I use the hose to cool her off.

But really the Hills helped good to know that thank you. What kind have you used?

I thought it contained alot of stool harderner's & corn. Personally I don't understand 1/2 of whats in pet food ingredients to be honest. He was upset at my reaction to try their food though

Seriously she's gaining weigh & not getting the protein she needs on rice all the time. Something's gotta give
I used the Hills Gastro. For my fosters, it did the trick. I would not hesitate for one moment to give to my dog if I had to. I have seen it work and I cannot dispute this.

I am going to pick up some REAL dogfood tonight or Thursday. The guy there is AMAZING as he worked in the petfood industry and is very knowledgeable. He left because he disagreed with the ingredients so he know sells only the finest (BTW - no pets are sold there). I will ask him and let you know what he says. Sorry I personally cannot give any other advice. All I can tell you is what worked for me but it does not mean it's the best for your babe.
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