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Opinions needed

Another BM question My golden has been having bouts of diarrhea on and off for over a month. 1st I thought maybe stress from losing her bf so she had a check up and had her stools tested, *normal*

Vet suggested rice/extra lean mince meat x 5 days as well as Fortiflora. She got better for a bit and I'm not sure if giving her kibble triggeged it again or because someone gave her weiners but back to square one.

Vet suggested a complete blood biochemistry, all *normal* but her unine sample however showed white blood cells in it. I couldn't make heads or tails out of what he was saying other then the next step would be xrays & ultrasounds

He put her on Metronidazole x 14 days and again just rice/meat & flortiflora.

Just looked up everything but now I'm more confused. She could have inflammation from a bladder or kidney infection, could be bacterial as in Giardiasis, could be bladder stones omg

And/or it's the Solid Gold and vet strongly recommends I switch to Hills Presciption Diet (gastro) but I do not trust vet foods.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
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