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mesh netting and hocky nets and window wells

I have to say that I sincerely hate the stuff. It has to be three of the main tools that animals get tangled/caught in. As a matter of fact, when I arrive to a call and notice either or, I tell them to get rid of it or when not using the hockey net, keep it in the garage and cover up...right away.

I have had chipmucks, snakes and other small wildlife tangled in mesh netting (usually used for gardens and ponds, wrap aroung trees), while I ever so careful cut them out of it, while they are stuggling to get away cause they think that I am going to kill/eat them. Luckly I have been fortunate and all were ok to be released on site.

For hockey nets, I have had baby skunks, squirrels, rabbits, and had a bird tangled in one a week ago.

Windows wells, another thing that officers cringe at. Expecially when not covered. I can't tell you how many calls I have had, where an sick and or injured animal has fallen into the and can't get out. Or babies that have fallen in can't get back out and just end up starving to death, until someones notices it. I also had a mother raccoon and her babies get wedged into a very small window well and couldn't get out. I had Humane Wildlife Control come and assist me in cutting them out of the window well. Had two strays moms have a litter of kittens in two separate calls.

So, if you own or use any of the above, please disguard them. And if you have a window well, buy a cover for it.

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