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i wonder why she left good luck kayla

why exactly did you get a cat again? Especially one so young? See the thing is with cats, it is not really a good idea to even try to train them to not go in certain spots, they kinda do what they like, either you love that and you should have a cat, or you don't, and you should get a ceramic one, or a stuffed one, but definitely not an alive one.

Not to sound condemning or condescending in any way, but if you intend to have this kitten for casual entertainment, when it's convenient for you to pet it or whatever - maybe you should have thought about getting a stuffed one.

I second Tundra's thoughts. Really, six weeks old is way too young to be taken from mom and littermates. The poor thing is desperately lonely and terrified. When he tries to get some comfort from the person who is supposed to love him he is sent to another room. He doesn't know what is going on. All he knows is he was taken from his mom and siblings by a person who he doesn't know. And you want to spray this little thing? Oh my!

As for "he is an animal. I'd rather have my own personal space when sleeping and am sure I am not the only person that feels this way". You won't find many on this site that feel that way. You also wouldn't want to be in my house. I am afraid at any given time you can be visited by one of two dogs or one of five cats. Yes, they do share my bed. Willingly. I wouldn't have it any other way. We take responsibilty to have these pets in our lives. Shooing it away when it is inconvenient to you does no favours
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