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Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
arghhh she said she made a big mistake why is everyone jumping on her?
It really is not jumping, it is honest feelings and opinions. This is where changes have to be made. I encounter a calvelier attitude about the needs of pets a lot, and the fact that these issues have come up so early in their relationship worries me, and probably others too. I know I am not the only one by far that has a house full of foster cats right now, and this is where they come from, people like it because it is cute, but them have to get rid of it because it scratches/allergies/bothering neighbors/don't have time/wont stay off the bed..ect.. Many of my fosters I have paid for their care out of my own pocket, and it is not fair. These babies deserve better right from the start when someone decides to take on the responsibility, her boyfriend is not enthused either and that worries me a lot too.. They cannot be viewed as just an animal ect.. That is what leads to so many problems down the road and for people like me and others to pick up the pieces..

We are just sharing our true opinions, that is what we are here to do.. Sorry if what I say comes off badly, but it is just as I feel.
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