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Not to sound condemning or condescending in any way, but if you intend to have this kitten for casual entertainment, when it's convenient for you to pet it or whatever - maybe you should have thought about getting a stuffed one.

My guess is that you bought the kitten from a pet store, where its been neglected and infested with parasites. Yet, you bothered to go to a few pet stores for flea medication, rather than have the kitten examined by a professional. There may be further problems with the kitten.

I just want to understand, why did you get the kitten? Was it the famous AWWW factor?

You mentioned you were a student...What is going to happen with the kitten when you aren't home? He could get into major trouble, he could chew wires, choke on things, get electricuted...the list is long.

He is too small, he NEEDS you, and you lock it away. And wanna spray it to correct it's behaviour. Ummm.. Yea. Good luck with that. This is how these kittens end up in shelters or worse.

Best advice I can offer is try to find it a suitable home. And if you yet wish to "persevere", review your actions and see where you can do better. A kitten at that age eats, sleeps and plays in very short spans of time, so even if you tire it out before bedtime, it'll sleep about 2-3 hours, then it will wake up and meow for food or attention, THATS WHY they should be with their mommies. Gradually, this will increase. I just want you to understand that unless you are willing to suck it up and do what it takes - there's no point of you persevering. Also, further down the road, you will need to think about such things as neutering the cat, and providing adequate veterinary attention, which can and may be expensive.

Again, just my ...I tell it like I see it, and as 14+ mentioned, some of us don't sugarcoat things here. And yes, both my cat and my dog share my bed, in fact, the cuddle time is my FAVORITE time of the day and I truly hope you will experience that too someday.

Good luck, whatever route you choose to take.
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