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Originally Posted by Kayla1990 View Post
TPettet I fully understand your point but I would like to persevere. I do give him more than enough attention, I just feel the needs to be boundaries, after all, he IS an animal. I'd rather have my own personal space when sleeping and amsure I am not the only person that feels this way
..whoa... an animal eh? my cats certainly are not.. he is a spirit just like you, just happened to be wrapped in fur, big deal, they are cuddlier that way, personally I like my people wrapped in fur..

why exactly did you get a cat again? Especially one so young? See the thing is with cats, it is not really a good idea to even try to train them to not go in certain spots, they kinda do what they like, either you love that and you should have a cat, or you don't, and you should get a ceramic one, or a stuffed one, but definitely not an alive one.

He is a BABY, you took on the responsibility for him, and that is not shutting him out alone, he was just with mom and litter mates for goodness sake can you imagine what he is going through poor thing!
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