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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
What pills did you give him for fleas? Over the counter stuff you buy at a supermarket? It probably is doing more harm than good. That stuff plain does not work. Not to mention I am pretty sure it says on the package not to administer to a kitten less than eight weeks old. And spraying is deadly to the kitten as well as the fleas.
It actually says that it is for kittens from 2 weeks old on the packet. And I did so because I was advised to do so by at least 3 pet stores before I purchased the medicine.

Again, I will reinforce yes, Ilove him, yes he's a baby but he's a BABY animal. Out of personal chocie, I'd rather not share my bed with an ANIMAL, an animal covered in fleas at that. You may argue that no one on this site would agree with me but for every person on this site that doesn't, I know about ten animal lovers that will not and do not allow their pets into their beds. Simple as that
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