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Crying Kitten

Hi all, I brought home a 6 week old kitten two days ago. I realise how much of a mistake this was because he's too young to be away from his mother at this age, which raises a concern of mine -his constant crying at night.

I am a student that rents a double bedroom (downstairs) with a little corridor/cupboard that leads out from my room via a door and goes allt he way underneath the stairs. Now, when I brough Milo home yesterday, I set him down in his bed, next to my bed, with a cuddly toy and a couple of hours into the night he jumped on my bed and woke my boyfriend and I up. no matter how many time sI removed him, he refused to lay still until he was next to me so I put him in this corridor under the stairs with his bed litter tray/food/ water and a feew toys (with plenty of space to play) and a small lamp. He cried for a bit and then either we fell asleep orhe did until I awoke to him meowing again at about 7am, so I let him out and fed him

Anyway, tonight, he has had to go back in there again (for obvious reasons) and he has been crying for the past hour on/off with him starting up again and gradually getting louder everytime he hears movement in my room.

I've scoured the net for options and advice (bearing in mind I DO NOT want him on my bed -seeing as he is also being treated for fleas) but I also do not want my other house mates growing impatient with us both for his excessive meowing.

Alll I ask is a) will this EVER stop if I keep putting him in there and ignoring his meows every night? b) if anyone else has experienced this, roughly how long are we looking at and c) what if I open the door and spray him with his water bottle? will he get confused and not understand what he is doing wrong or is he even far too young to understand this reinforcement system?

PLEASE HELP, Ilove him to bits but I also need my sleep and I don't want to have togive him away because of moany housemates!
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