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Originally Posted by smithduke View Post
Thanks! Do they like the taste?
Some cats do, some don't. It's not a particularly strong or offensive taste, maybe slightly sweet. Whenever my cat needs a dose of SEB (works for constipation as well), I mix a small amount (1/4 tsp or less) into an extra tasty treat like chicken baby food or plain yogurt. He's also very picky but doesn't usually mind it this way.

Originally Posted by smithduke View Post
So, even that little amount of carbs could affect the way his cancer does or doesn't metastasize? No dry food ever for Howie....ever? We do give him cooked chicken breast every night so he's definitely spoiled!
Fresh chicken is an excellent treat to give Howie. My cat loves it ever so slightly broiled in the oven for a minute. Just enough to bring out the flavours and aroma, but not enough to cook it completely.

I can't say whether feeding Core is going to have any effect on the cancer one way or the other. If Howie really loves it and you think he does better with a small amount in his diet, than who am I to say he shouldn't get any. But the truth is that dry food is heavily processed and starchy, kinda like breakfast cereal, and doesn't offer a cat any benefits. It's mostly just a human convenience.

Those "nudie" pics of Sula are great!
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