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[QUOTE=sugarcatmom;790032]Sula is a stunner, and you're an angel for rescuing her from those brats.

I know you would have done it too, but thanks! She's a wonderful and quirky cat. I actually trained her to sit, stay and come! My husband,who was underwhelmed with Sula at first, now loves her and swears Sula is going to say actual words one day because she's that intelligent! Unfortunately she's become a tad "large" and hasn't been grooming herself very well. Don't let anyone tell you Maine Coon's don't need constant grooming! Because Sula is "quirky" and bites, she will only let us brush her head and shoulders. Anywhere else is off limits. She started to get very matted under her armpits and belly. I discovered she loved fish food and I was able to trim some of the mats while she ate the fish food up. Even so, her fur was still so matted that I took her to the vet to get shaved. She looked so adorable afterward. I'll send a pic.

Have you ever tried mixing some slippery elm bark powder into Howie's food? I had a cat with severe IBD and the only thing that helped firm up his poop was about 1/4 tsp of SEB 2 or 3 times a day.

Thanks! Do they like the taste? Howie is very picky when it come to things like that. I have never been able to give him medicine, liquid or pills. One time when Howie was in the hospital for a urinary tract blockage, the vet (not our regular vet because it was an emergency) said he wrestled with him for 1/2 hour and still couldn't give him the meds. It was a Sunday and he actually had to call in an vet tech to help.

While Core is certainly lower in carbs than most dry foods, it's still more than an acceptable amount at 11% of calories (cats in the "wild" eat less than 5% carbs). If it's a matter of making Howie happy than of course he should be spoiled rotten, but otherwise I'd try to minimize the amount of Core he eats. An all wet food diet is preferable.

So, even that little amount of carbs could affect the way his cancer does or doesn't metastasize? No dry food ever for Howie....ever? We do give him cooked chicken breast every night so he's definitely spoiled!

Thanks again for all your advice!
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