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Sula is a stunner, and you're an angel for rescuing her from those brats.

Originally Posted by smithduke View Post
Since Howie's been on the Wellness, he's stopped vomiting but the diarrhea is still just as bad.
Have you ever tried mixing some slippery elm bark powder into Howie's food? I had a cat with severe IBD and the only thing that helped firm up his poop was about 1/4 tsp of SEB 2 or 3 times a day.

Originally Posted by smithduke View Post
I read that cancer will feed on carbohydrates so I give him Core dry food as well.
While Core is certainly lower in carbs than most dry foods, it's still more than an acceptable amount at 11% of calories (cats in the "wild" eat less than 5% carbs). If it's a matter of making Howie happy than of course he should be spoiled rotten, but otherwise I'd try to minimize the amount of Core he eats. An all wet food diet is preferable.

Originally Posted by smithduke View Post
Howie seems much happier and less lethargic.
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