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Thanks Catlover2. Since Howie's been on the Wellness, he's stopped vomiting but the diarrhea is still just as bad. He only has it once a day, but I think that's all I'd be able to take!!! I read that cancer will feed on carbohydrates so I give him Core dry food as well. Howie seems much happier and less lethargic. Yes, he's quite a character to say the least!!! Just a quick story...Howie likes to play fetch with a fuzzy ball. It's a lot of fun but he likes to bring us the ball in the middle of the night while we're sleeping. I'll pretend to be asleep and I'll hear the ball drop a few times. I know he's dropping the ball and pushing it towards me so I'll pick it up. Still ignoring him, I'll suddenly feel this saliva filled ball on my face. When I open my eyes, Howie will give me a head butt and rub his drooly mouth on my eye.

He also opens up the little trash can in the bathroom to pick out the Q-Tips that have ear wax on them and then licks them.


Here's a pic of Sula. She's also a character!!! I think she's the most intelligent cat I've ever had! Sula came from two abusive homes before we got her. I begged the women who had her last, to let me keep her! Her kids were hitting her, teasing her and when Sula hid, the kids would poke her with a toy sword. She's a biter but we know "the look" before she can get us! LOL. We never reprimand Sula because she just needs time to trust. She's much better than when we first got her.

I can never get a photo of Sula that doesn't have white eyes. Red eye doesn't fix it.

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