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Back from the checkup w/Homeopath & Homeopath Vet. No blood work ran today we will wait a week to let her de-stress & see what her levels are at next wed.

So the homeopath has put together the cause of all these symptoms that prompted the ER visit etc. The food that Duffy was eating when the tainted recall came out was Rice & Duck........she's had Duck 2 times since then & both times she's had a reaction to it. The 1st time she was just really constipated & I thought there was too much psyillum husk in the food. This time a far more serious reaction than the last time. Basically her body reacted to the duck in the tainted food and so now views any duck as an allergen so that prompted the severe gastro intestinal reaction that the conventional vets could not figure out what was linking all symptoms. Duffy is now severely allergic to duck! because the food which was tainted also contained duck.

So my theory was half right & the actual cause is better than what I was thinking - far easier to treat an allergy to duck - never feed it again!, than it would be if it were an ongoing case of low potassium combined w/metabolic acidosis.

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