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Slandering bad mouthing Rescues/Shelters or other members - New policy

In an effort to further protect the integrity of this board we will no longer permit the bad mouthing or slander of any shelter/rescue in an open forum. There is no real accountability for anonymous posters on the Internet, and yet the results to the individual rescues/shelters (without trial and jury) and to RESCUING IN GENERAL are disaterous. Private messaging will be the only way to go on this issue.

If you would like to know about a particular rescue or shelter or if you want to inform someone that posted a question, send a PM (private message) to that person.

If you want to warn people involved in rescue on our site about another person or organization then you may only do so by private messaging or by emailing those people directly, never in any open forum.

Yes there are bad rescues and bad shelters, yes they are in the minority, and YES they grab all the headlines. Bad mouthing 1 rescue damages ALL rescues. We want to encourage new pet owners to adopt from rescues/shelters NOT turn them off.

To anyone reading this please respect the new policy - No slander/badmouthing for any reason period.

Threads that break the rules will be closed and/or deleted without warning.

Any new cases that come up should be reported to myself
or one of the mods (Luckyrescue, Trinitie, dragonfly)

Thank you for your understanding,