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Not right medicine

Two sundays ago, I realized that my 3yr old cat had blood in his urine. Our normal vet wasen't in the office so we had to take him somewhere else. They did a urinalysis and everything else and administered a dose of convenia to him. Well a week went by and there was no improvement. We finally went to our regular vet yesterday and were prescribed 2 oral antibiotics. I was questionalble about this "wonder" 2 week shot. Well I was right it didn't work for his UTI. I thought I would look up this antibiotic shot and saw that it is basically only for wounds and skin irritations, so I'm alittle upset. I hope this antibiotic works for what it is suppose to be used for but I would question if they are trying to give it to treat any urinary infections. I know oral antibiotics are a pain but sometimes it is better treatment for the pet overall.
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