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Originally Posted by smithduke View Post
To Growler,

The links you sent to me are great.

One was particularly disturbing to me, which discussed introducing agents that change DNA and can lead to cancer. Howie has always been fed, locked in our downstairs bathroom, because he's basically a pig and will eat everyone else's food rather than his own. We often use odor eliminator in the bathroom without thinking that his food dish would be contaminated with the chemicals. Sometimes, I should say most times, Howie is in such a rush to eat, and instead of rinsing and cleaning his dish we've just plopped the food into it. I wonder if we've contributed to his cancer in this way? From now on, all our cats dishes will be cleaned well and we won't be using the spray because we store our dry cat food in close proximity to the bathroom.
The woman who wrote that site also did the main kidney failure site I refer to often, all of it has been learned through her personal experience & research.

There are so many possibilites of things that can lead to various illnesses in animals & people too, even things that are designed to make life easier - like the cat food cans with pop top lids - the inner lining of the can when exposed to the air releases chemicals that have been linked to causing Hyperthyroidism in cats, same with fire retardant material.

So many innocent little things we didn't know about might have contributed to cancer, but then it also could be genetic - which means it would've happened anyways I would say cancer is the hardest to pinpoint because no one really knows where it comes from or why some get it & others don't The only thing we can do is try to change the outcome by learning from our own & other's experiences in order to lessen the impact of what we didn't know. You are already stepping in the right direction

Many many for a great outcome for Howie
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