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Rubymillie, After your post, I told my hubbie how well Ruby was doing after the chemo and he agreed to look into it. Thanks so much!

We're taking Howie to the vet on Thursday and I think we're going to opt for chemo. The biopsy showed he has a low grade intestinal T-Cell lymphoma. I read a report on treatment of cats with what Howie has. The results showed:

56% of cats achieved a complete response average remission duration of 897 days

39% achieved a partial response and had an average remission duration of 428 days

5% of cats had no response

Even if we can't give Howie a longer life, giving him a better quality of life will be worth it. The vet did say there are other treatments that can make him more comfortable in addition to chemo.

Howie is such a "young" cat for being almost 16 years old and he deserves every chance we can give him.
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