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3 years ago Smokey had to fly cargo from Florida to Germany (Continental Airlines; Jacksonville - Newark - Hamburg (GER)). Service was great but really expensive. He arrived one day later than he was expected to because he missed his flight in Newark due to technical problems. The airline brought him to a local shelter for that night and called us early in the morning (I guess it must be 3 a.m. local time). A few minutes later the shelter called us to tell that he is allright and that they will bring him to the airport in time.
When he arrived in germany his kennel didn't have any mark or scratch, so I believe that they took good care on him. He had to go through a medical examination and the customs. Took us nearly an hour to wait. But then we were allowed to welcome him in Germany

Make sure your cats are microchiped (could be possible that canadian microchips couldn't be read in germany (american microchips won't), but that's not a real great problem), have all the paperworks ready and all shots up to date)

Oh, I've see that you must be in Germany now! How do you like ist? Where are you now?

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