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Originally Posted by BeagleMum View Post
I can knit but have never attempted a sweater. I have mainly stuck to hand towels (the ones that you strap onto a stove), dish cloths and scarves. I have crocheted a few blankets too. I can also do cross stitch as well but I haven't done one of those in a very long time. I did a picture of 2 baby chimps, took me forever. I scrapbook too though. Do you have the pattern for the kitty (dog) sweater? I would lover to try making one for my dogs. If I start now, I might get it done by winter.
Hi BeagleMum. The pattern is from a Patons leaflet, number 939, called "a dog's life". It has very easy (my style) to much more complex patterns. I am not sure how to go about posting the pattern here - not too computer savvy, I'm an oldster. If you checked at Michael's they may still carry it.
On my first try with the sweater pattern, I was not too sure how to do the legs, so I ended up crotcheting the worked alright! You are more than welcome to a copy of the pattern if you want. If you trust me. you can PM your address and I can send a photo copy of the entire leaflet to you. I don't know if that is exactly legal in a copyright way, but oh well. Deb
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