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Originally Posted by EndOfFashion View Post
Like I said on my other thread, I'm home sick today and I'm going to be spending a loooot of time on the boards this fine Friday. (All of the most recent posts the whole way down the list are going to be from "EndOfFashion", lol)

So, here's another update. Looks like we weren't chosen for the dog we applied for. So it's back to the drawing board, I guess. :sad: Seriously, I'm not sure we'll be approved by any rescue that does not function on a first-come, first served basis. There will always be a home better than ours - our situation may not look that impressive on paper, but we love our furkids to pieces and I think we're being overlooked because we're young, we rent, etc. Any rescue people want to add their to this?
Don't take it personally EndOfFashion and don't give up. If I find something for you, would you come to Montreal? If you can make the trip, then I will let you know when we get a pug. You will however have to go through the screening process and pass 'my boss' but if you are really a good home, you will not be denied. BTW - we do NOT work on first come, first serve. We know what our dogs and cats need and we will find the right family so that everyone is happy.
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