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Thumbs up You guys are the best!

Jim, BendyFoot and Teri. Thank you so much for giving me insight on this. It really helps to hear from folks who have been there. And who don't think I'm just freaking out over a cat. Beckley is family. I would exercise the same care and concern of one of my human kids as I do my feline kids.

I will absolutely ask about the Gabapentin. And, I agree, having Beckley out of pain has to be better for everyone, even if it's minus a leg. I'll let you all know how it goes.

p.s. I'm defying doctor orders. OK. So I'm a rebel. She seems to be under the delusion that sedating him will stop him from biting at his bandaged foot for the next few days. Not! :-) Besides long term sedatives CAN'T be good for him either. Solve one problem to create another later? Not my idea of a good plan.
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