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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oh, no! :sad: Not Nemo and Gidget... Maybe they're just hiding and will show up later

Meanwhile, we definitely do need some pics of the big guys and gals...and the little ones if you can get them to pose

Did you run aerators all winter?
I know, I was really sad about Nemo....he was the first koi baby I've ever had. :sad: I know they're not hiding. Nemo was a gutsy fish, he would be out if he was around.
I'll try to get some pics. I'm so hopeless at taking fish pics. Thank goodness for digital and you don't have to develop all those blurry lumps anymore.
I didn't run any aerators this winter, but I did keep 2 pumps running the entire winter bypassing the filters and just running 2 of them directly into the waterfall which kept a nice large hole to gas the pond off.

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