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Unhappy Cat with suspected nerve damage self mutilating paw

Hi all,

If you see any typos here it's because I'm typing through a blur of tears. I am now 25 or more vet visits into this story and almost at the $4K mark on vet bills. Beckley is an adopted kitty that I got from a Siamese cat rescue organization along with his sister Loki. Beckley is a "runner". Though we have a commitment to the rescue organization that they both can only be indoor kitties, Beckely has always dashed for the door at every opportunity. With relatives staying with us for an extended period, we lost the ability to control his behavior. In short, he got out. And, in broad daylight, was shot by a bb-gun. Pellet lodged in his rear leg and broke his fibula. He had surgery to remove the pellet. It is significant to note that the pellet was embedded in the middle of a nest of nerves. The bone repaired very quickly as Beckley is a young 2 year old. However, at about the 4 week point, he bit his paw (punctured it deeply) biting at it. It got infected and we fought the infection, had him in kitty collars and ended up putting him on Acepromazine (sp?) (kitty downers). He still persists in getting at the bandage. Against vet advise, we had the bandage removed at 7 weeks and had him home with collar, on periodic ACE so that we could let the leg get some air and heal (he was developing sensitivity / rash because of the bandage adhesive.). He continued to periodically growl, hiss and jump up in the air and run off. Through the course of this I've given him periodic collar-off periods for grooming and get kitty loves so he can maintain some dignity, cleanliness and his sanity. However, he inevitably gets at his paw, licks feverishly and then gives into impulse, bite, growl and jump and run. It was/is horrible to watch. Note that this same behavior evidenced while the foot is bandaged or not. We are now being referred to a neurologist for assessment and treatment options. Does any one have any experience with treating nerve damage? How can I keep him from trying to bite his toe off? He's stressed. We're stressed and it just doesn't seem like a decent way to live. THEN to complicate everything, every indication I've seen on every website and commmunication from our vet says that this, despite best efforts, results in amputation. I can't get my head around cutting off part of my kitty and quality of life issue. He's a beautiful, gorgeous and loving cat that did nothing wrong and did not deserve what was done to him. I think the biggest thing our vet and I agree on is that is probably a very good thing I don't know which punk kid did this.
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