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Whistler's mum:

One question. (And to everybody else too)

Why dont you just make it simple for the dog, dogs like simple, and just show the dog:

we do not take any steps further, not even a babystep, while you are pulling

I know youve done this before, but you also must correct your dog, and show that it not wanted. And as soon as she takes 1 step correctly, stop and praise. Start walking 3 steps, stop. If she pulled, then try walking 2 steps. Etc
Im no trainer, but with this logic (also includes corrections such as tellig the dog off when pulling, stopping when she pulls, making the dog calm down and sit behind me everytime we stop, but also includes ALOT OF TREATS () AND PRAISES WHEN DONE CORRECTLY!) ive succeeded training my dog, which is also my first dog

It took me a long time to do this though, the dog has to know that no walking unless she does it correctly. First week we walked 1-2hours a day, normal amount, but the length of the walk trips was like 200m a day! But a mental problem like that is also very energy draining!!
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