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I had at least 8 baby koi survive the winter

Spot and Ditto, two of the largest babies from the early spawns of last year came out of winter beautifully. They're growing like crazy now and are always out swimming with the big fish now.
Unfortunately Nemo and Gidget are no where to be seen. They have not made it through to spring. :sad:
I also have at least 6 babies from the last spawn of the season. These little guys are much smaller than spot and ditto and as yet have not been named except for one that DH calls Mini Midge because just like Ditto, it's a miniature replica of it's mother, Midge.
All of the big fish made it through winter fine. This was their first overwinter in my pond and everyone came through with no issues. Considering how long and nasty this past winter was, I'm pretty happy.

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