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Originally Posted by rubyrue View Post
My heart breaks that I failed her. Yes, she has been with me for 10.5 years. I still feel I could have saved her from going this soon. Listen to your intuition. I love my regular vet but this was out of her specialty. She has been very helpful and caring but ultimately you hold the cards. I am living with extreme guilt and pain. k
Hello Rubyrue,

I can't ease the pain, but I have met one person who spent over $30,000 and took her dog to the States for treatment and did absolutely everything her specialist suggested, from surgery to pinpoint radiation, to chemo. She said that she'd never do it again, because her dog was miserable, and the nose cancer came back worse in the end.

What I am saying is, although I agree that following your intuition can be a good thing, you did not fail Ruby. You did the best you could under the circumstances and with what you knew at the time. I'm sure you will cherish the time you both have together, and I'm sure Ruby knows that you love her very much.

I'll be thinking of you both.
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