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Originally Posted by snapdragon View Post
My question is do young dogs get nasal cancer? I realise that there can be other causes of nose bleeds and I am hoping with all my heart that Dukie's nose bleed is something simple that can be sucessfully treated, he had a tough life before he came to us when he was one year old and we would like to see him live a long and happy life to kind of make up for the very bad first year of his life.
I was also wondering if cancer in the nose always caused big bleeds or can it be just a sort of bloody discharge?

This is Dukie.
Somehow I missed your post, snapdragon!

Dukie is sweetheart!!! Have you found out any new information since you posted?

The short answers to the questions you posted are that young dogs are not as likely to get nasal cancer, but they can--and that the bleeds do start out small. Our Priscilla started with just a bloody discharge.

But you're right--there are other causes for the symptoms and they should be investigated, especially in younger dogs. Grass awns can work their way into nasal passages, for instance, and cause infection or a chronic irritation that can result in bleeding. Sometimes just flushing the nose will dislodge the awn and the bleeding stops

I hope you got good news from the vet!

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