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a long journey

Hi, about two years ago I visited my regular vet because my dog Ruby was sneezing more than normal and had a clearish discharge. She always had ear troubles and we thought the nose discharge was maybe a light infection, allergies or age. Her eyes were also turning blueish and her vision was impaired. Went to a eye specialist and discovered she had a corneal edema which could result in ulcers, pain etc...I spent months dealing with the idea that she would be blind. Next, I noticed a bump on the bridge of her nose. My vet felt since it was not an ulcer that it may go away on its own. Then came the bump above one of her eyes and we were off to get a biopsy and scan. Sure enough it was nasal carcinoma. The first oncologist said she has weeks to live and that it was too late for any radiation. If I wanted to do it the 20 treatments would leave her in such bad shape it would not be worth it. The second doctor said lets do 5 treatments to increase her quality of life and try to stop the growth temporarily.

We did the 5 and I do believe that it has helped to keep her with us for a bit more. It also gave us all time to realize what was happening and come to terms.

It has been a journey of bleeding non stop through the nose, eye, difficulty breathing at night and blindness as of this week. She also has an orange size tumor on the top of her head and it is heart breaking to look at. She is still fighting and Ruby is still present however, I know the end is near.

My message is... my intuition said the initial symptoms of sneezing were not right. I did not follow my intuition and listened to my vet. If you notice that your pet is sneezing have a scan done. Don't wait. You cannot deal with what you cannot see. I am aching with the fact that I did not take action. I am up all night waiting for her to breathe and waiting for her to stop breathing. My heart breaks that I failed her. Yes, she has been with me for 10.5 years. I still feel I could have saved her from going this soon. Listen to your intuition. I love my regular vet but this was out of her specialty. She has been very helpful and caring but ultimately you hold the cards. I am living with extreme guilt and pain. k
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