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BenMax, he is a heartbreaker, that's for sure! And his name is hilarious Where did you find the little guy?

But if they're looking for someone who's home most of the day, then we're definitely not the right home for him Although Milo is always around, lol! I also wonder if the layout of our apartment would be a problem - it's two storeys, with the bedrooms and one of the bathrooms upstairs. I know other rescues I've seen with blind dogs specified they would prefer single-level homes, which makes sense. Not that I would mind carrying him up and down the stairs! Either way, I hope he finds his forever home soon.

As for knowing your limits...amen to that! I've seen too many people give up their pets because they didn't think things through beforehand. If I'm going to be completely honest, we probably shouldn't have adopted Autumn. I don't know if we were really the best home for her...we had next to no dog experience (my mom had a dog a long time ago that was fully grown and already trained when she got it), and were not prepared to deal with the behavioural issues Autumn had (some she still has). The difference is that we wouldn't give up on her, but too many people get in over their heads and feel their only option is to give the dog up. I love Autumn, but the experience has taught me to think very carefully about each and every dog I consider, and to make sure I'm equipped to handle the dog - financially, emotionally, training-wise, etc.
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