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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
Best of luck to you EndOfFashion.

It is too bad that THS has this policy. I can understand filling out an application first, but you should be able to view all dogs once the application is complete. This is a little odd! Anyways - this is the way they operate and I guess they have somesort of success with it..

Honestly, and I have nothing against shelters or the human society but rescues have a better handle on what they have available and if the dogs are in foster, they have a good idea as to individual needs of the dog, and what type of family is required. Due to having less animals in rescue, it is easier to manage I guess.

I always say 'if it's meant to be, it will be. If not, then something more suitable will come my way'.
I thought it was odd, too. But the employee made it clear that you had to select a dog to apply for, then fill out the application and go from there. Maybe she was wrong? I know other shelters (I think Hamilton-Burlington is one) have a questionnaire that allows the shelter staff to give you a "colour" that corresponds to certain dogs in the system. But I don't think that's how the THS's new policy works. The employee said they had to set up this new system because people were going in an vandalizing the cages.

I have the same attitude! That's why I've spent so long looking and don't just apply for the first cute dog I see (however tempted I may be), and that's also kind of why I liked going to the humane society in the past...I can feel that it's meant to be if I meet the animal in person (that's how I "knew" about Charlie, our cat. And he is honestly the best cat I've ever met ). But you're right about rescues knowing more about the individuals in their care, and like I said I've applied for a dog at a BenMax-approved rescue (not being sarcastic! I really appreciated the help!!) I really hope we hear some good news.
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