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So I told you I would keep you's my update! (Unfortunately not so good...)

BenMax very kindly sent me a list of good rescues. I've been checking them regularly to find the right dog! Yesterday, I thought in the meantime I would go and check out the Toronto Humane Society...all their dogs are supposedly posted on the website, but there's nothing like going to see the dogs in person. Well, what a shock I got.

Apparently the THS has changed their adoption process. Now you have to fill out an application and be approved to adopt before even being allowed to see the dogs! How am I supposed to show "intent to adopt" without knowing anything about the dogs they have for adoption? I thought to myself, "I would never adopt a dog sight unseen". Of course, after pondering that for a second I realized that's kind of how most foster-based rescue groups function (although of course you meet the dog before signing the adoption contract, I'm sure).

I figured out that what was bothering me was that I had absolutely no information about the dogs up for adoption. I was being asked to select a dog based on its photograph and nothing else. Rescues will at least post a pretty thorough description of each foster that is available. At the THS, I had no idea which dogs got along with other dogs, cats...etc. When I asked an employee if we could ask questions about the dogs in their care prior to selecting one to apply for, she said no and then mumbled something about the application!! In fact, she was quite rude...but I've heard lately from a lot of people that the THS employees wouldn't give them the time of day, so I was almost expecting that. Needless to say, we walked out of there after that.

Ugh I'm getting frustrated again. I was trying to give the THS the benefit of the doubt but I won't be returning any time soon.

On a HAPPY note, late last night one of the rescues BenMax told me about posted a dog that pretty much sounds perfect for us, so I went ahead and sent in an application! I don't know what our chances are of being chosen (since they don't work on a first come, first served basis), but here's hoping...wish me luck! I'll post the outcome when I find out!
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