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Thumbs down soloxine

I took my 7 year old boxer, Heidi to our vet because she was having a little trouble getting up our steps. I told him she was eating fine and her poops were healthy. He examined her and took blood work. After the results he said it was her thyroid and gave me soloxine 0.8mg to be taken every 12 hours. She stopped eating, started throwing up bile and was literally up all night running out the doggie door with diarrhea. She also became aggressive to my other dogs whom she loves dearly. I called the doc immediately. He said the soloxine couldn't have caused any of those symptons and I should bring her back to be hospitalized so they could watch her. I know my Heidi and I know the soloxine caused her symptons. It was like an over dose. I have taken her off soloxine and she is back to eating and her old self, but now I'm back to the same problem of her having trouble getting up the stairs and back to square one minus alot of money. I told the doc to have a nice day and I will seek out a new vet!! Beware of soloxine!!!
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