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I'm so sorry about your baby! You obviously love Ruby and that's what really matters to her!! Many people don't opt for chemo so I give you big hugs for going the extra mile. Like you've said, I've also heard that cat's tolerate chemo well, but my hubby, who is a big mush in most things, doesn't think it will work on Howie because he's almost 16 years old. I'm more the optimist so I'm going to work on convincing him to agree to the chemo. Just a suggestion...Howie has been a new cat since being on Wellness canned food! We ran out of it and gave him a commercial canned food and we saw a big difference in him, on the negative side. He was tired, quiet and wasn't is usual "Howie self"! We quickly started him back on the Wellness food and he perked right up. I think Wellness is the way to go, especially when you have a cat who is sick.

Please let me know how Ruby is doing! I send my prayers to her and hope she overcomes this horrible disease!!!
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