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Don't give up hope

I thought i would post an encouraging story for you.

Three weeks ago, my 18-month old cat (still just a baby in my eyes) was rushed to the vet with breathing difficulties. The vet thought it was heart failure, which is terminal, and I was given lots of pills for her. Two weeks later, she went in to the vet again, but this time he thought he felt a lump in her chest and stomach. She went in for ultrasound, biopsies and blood tests. Over the weekend she deteriorated sharply and i was convinced i'd lost her. On Monday 18th May 2009 she was diagnosed with thymic lymphoma with a seconary growth in the abdomen.

She started chemotherapy on Tuesday.

Today is Wednesday - she is currently sitting on my lap, having eaten a good sized lunch and sharpened her claws on my sofa! Her breathing has returned to normal and I even caught her grooming herself.

We are still not out of the woods - Ruby continues to fight for her life and although cure is not a possibility, I am hoping to get remission.

Cats respond well to chemotherapy - so I am sending you all my very best wishes that Howie can fight his cancer. He knows that you love him very much - and I think that cats have a desire to live. With that combination - he has the best possible chance.

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