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Question Dyed Mulch

I've searched the net for information on this topic and it's said that some manufacturer's use colorants that contain additives such as pesticides and mold inhibitors. Also according to the ASPCA's Veterinary Toxicologist it can not only be toxic but lethal to both dogs and cats if ingested (cocoa bean mulch which contains thedoromine & caffeine)

Someone put the red dyed mulch in my yard and Brandi loves lying on top of it but I'm wondering just how safe that is, anyone know? Doesn't bugs love to munch on these wood shavings too which only means they might find nestings in her fur yuck

btw she'll inhale anything if it's edible and supposively it smells tasty as in sweet? So far I'm managing to catch her right away but would feel better if someone had more knowledge on this subject.
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