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Should I give up my pet?

Hi all,

I'm sorry to say due to the crappy ass economy my father lost his job and money has become really tight. My mom lost her job earlier this year and lexi who I bought for them was a great help. She keeps them active and busy. Got my dad out of depression when he got laid off last week.

Originally, I had all the funds to pay for her, but now I'm giving that money to my parents to cover for their new medical coverage deductible.

That includes the pet insurance.

She's had her first shots and has everything in place for her.

Only thing I don't think I can pay for is her future shots (I think she has 3 left for the year). She is 11 weeks old.

I'm a student and can't afford much.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Things should be turning on the bright side next year and we should have money for all her expenses including pet insurance.

I want to be responsible and make sure she gets all the medical attention necessary.

What should I do? Should I give her up?

Thanks for all your suggestions. The lay off was such a shock.
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