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Too bad you don't live in Montreal because there are several well respected dog rescues here. Maybe you could drive to a smaller town and get a dog there? Some rescuers think they are GOD and give the public a hard time by making it difficult for them to adopt. They are too strict and too regimented ????? Aren't they there for the purpose of adoption???? (I guess different needs are necessary when adopting out a dog, a backyard or someone being home a lot). Adopting out sick animals to make money is a disgrace and it gives the good rescues a bad name. Never heard of asking for references. We are a cat rescue and our adoption application is lengthy. We have a $150.00 adoption fee. If people seem suspicious to us, we will not let them adopt. If you read my previous posts you will see that I have been warning people about bad rescues!!! I have seen it all in the 12 years I have been rescuing. There are many good rescues out there, but you have to watch out for the bad ones!!!
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